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new to the area and looking for new friends! I'm a mature tranny thats not overly convincing as a tranny and would love to hear from others that can help me with my transformation. I'm more submissive but can play switch should you prefer but really looking forward to hearing from North East / Lancs contacts.
Halshall / Lancashire

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Hi I'm tall leggy crossdress / tranny thats looking for local meets for either indoor / outdoor NSA sex. I'm totally sub when meeting with genuine males and being bisexual happy to meet with males/ females, couples and other TV/CD contacts.  I love everything leather, pvc and fetish wear.
Preston / Lancashire

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I'm openly admitted that I love to dress and my love for all things girlie and a passion of Xdressing. I'm a mature male thats looking to meet with others to exchange dressing ideas, interests and just see where the evening goes. Will involve lots of dressing up and having fun so contact me for more information. I'm single so can accom
Fleetwood / Lancashire

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Looking to meet with Lancashire crossdresser ? well when I say crossdresser this page least the main part of it is featured around a Blackpool Sissy transvestite as this member has put so much effort into his profile I though for once I'd have a featured profile here.

This is by far all the Tranny contacts we have from Lancashire and posted on the left are a few other local contacts although all the images used on this page are from this Submissive Blackpool crossdresser

So why feature one member? easy the Lancashire sissy not only has posted up a great profile but has attached over 30 photos to his profile showing him in various outfits from a sexy little maids outfit, pvc waitress, naughty school girl, PVC fetish, ballet to bridal wear in fact looking at the outfits this in fact you name it this North East sissy crossdresser has an outfit to please you

Check out this profile advert and if your looking for a submissive sissy then contact this member or check out the other personals adverts we have covering Lancashire & the North East

These images have been cropped to hide the members identity, but as a member you'll have full access to the 30 odd sissy photos

Profile - Blackpool Sissy Maid

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    Hi - let me first say I am the real deal and a submissive sissy crossdresser that will follow any orders her masters asks, no matter what as I have NO sexual boundaries

    I will follow and obey your every wish!. I'm completely submissive that lives this lifestyle for one reason thats to please her owners and this sissy needs to be used / abused.

    You could say I'm a perverted submissive sissy look towards members using, humiliating and taken advantage of in anyway you want.

    As you can see I have a rather large selection of outfit and this sissy transvestite has more than enough clothes to open a good sized Crossdressing shop, maybe an idea and my outfits range from normal day wear, PVC fetish, sissy maids, bridal wear to naughty teen girl, you name it I probably have it, just look at the photos and you'll see!

    I do live to serve people and I'm completely submissive and will obey your every request no matter how bizarre in fact the more kinky the better as my sexual limits are ummmm NONE - I do have a few fetishes / fantasies I enjoy

    Want to stay in a Blackpool B&B? although this bed breakfast you will get awaken up by a sexy sissy maid in full outfit and will serve you food then offer herself to you for your use, if you want others to stay with you fine, will have a small party where you can treat me like your maid / servant and you can abuse / degrade / use me anyway you like that includes using me as a human toilet as I do love males pissing and urinating onto my face / inside my month

    Need a sissy to clean your house? I'll come round to yours clean the place and will serve you as a waitress and can be called on if your having parties and will serve all your guests and offer sexual favours as they request them of me, just don't ask me to cook for you!

    Sissy Dollification, Dress me anyway you want and you can fully control me doing anything you like. I'm happy for you to take me out fully dressed and I do have a fantasy of being taken to a Blackpool dogging location where a pre arranged group of males will take turn pissing over & fucking me silly! sound interesting?

    Sissy Spanking, I keep my bottom red and tender in readiness for masters that will carry on with my spanking as I do love being spanked with clothes brush, slipper, cane or hand so if you want to see my red raw spanked sissy bum contact me and punish me properly like the bad girl I am and deserves.

    Cum eating: yum, I love cum either swallowing from a deep gagging blow job, cum poured direct from a condom after fucking me or maybe a bukkake party where we could arrange with a group of admirers to wank over me cumming all over my face then making me drink back loads and loads of cum Yum

    Crossdress Watersports: I love it when guys piss over me and use me as human toilet. This sissy wants to drink your piss in fact I crave it and always thirsty for a much piss / urine - I'll even lick your golden fluid from the floor should you wish to abuse me by making me licking piss from the floor

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